Rigs and hoist moves

Rigs and Hoist Support

IBN also provides transportation of land-based drilling rigs or hoist between sites and across. Each rig move requires careful planning by the Rig Move Managers and Supervisors. This ensures that proper hazard and effect management programs are put in place and communicated to everyone prior to the start of the move. Sufficiently trained, qualified and experienced personnel, along with the necessary resources, are assigned to each job to ensure that it is managed safely and efficiently. Our system to analyses each job or task is a process that identifies the hazards associated with the work and is a way of eliminating those hazards. In the case where hazards cannot be eliminated then controls or corrective measures are implemented. Provisions are made for: Location/Road Surveys, Rig-Moving Vehicles, Cranage, Hazardous Loads, Forklifts, Personnel Vehicles, Repair Facilities, Supervisory Staff, Communication, Emergency Response & Escort. IBN is also having Rig/Hoist moving vehicles for rental, like winch trucks, lowbed and high bed trailers, forklifts, boom and wheel loader.


The Rigs and Hoist Moves service by IBN OMAN presents a myriad of benefits that extend well beyond the task at hand. First and foremost, our commitment to safety ensures that your personnel and valuable equipment are protected throughout the move. This dedication to safety goes hand in hand with preserving the integrity of your rigs and hoists, reducing the risk of costly damages.